Rage against Mediocrity

A Soliloquy. A Monologue

What are you doing here? Who do you think are you to waste your life like you do? Or to tell other people that they would do so? Time is running. Time is killing you and everything what you do is killing time.

Who do you think are you to make you smaller or bigger then you are. To live Life in your comfort zone.

The world is screwed up. Personally, Economically, Ecologically and Spiritually. We are living in one of the toughest times that exist because everybody you know and you, you know exactly what has to be done but you don’t act. Not fully. Not complete.

I call that the murdering of the impulse.  Everybody feels that. You know that: there is building up this energy. There is this potential energy which is a single unique combination of you, at this space and in this unique time. Who wants to manifest or experience something divine something you feel is greater then that everyday life.

And you see it. You feel. It’s strong electrifying urge to surf this energy wave to get in the flow and…. and you let it die. The last time again.  and again. Day by day by day. And this unique snowflake which could have existed one single time in this universe. You let it die. Melt into meritocracy

Because you don’t take it seriously. But WHY? It’s the most serious thing. The most opening thing to your true self. And you let it be taken away from you. From your robotic automatized shriveled self.

Realize. There is a whole mysterious secret hidden beyond this nutshell of everyday life. Be true yourself. When was the last time that you followed that spontaneous impulse?

When was the last time that you surprised yourself? And that you did something unexpected. Childish. Dangerous. Crazy? What is the biggest risk that you can take?

We are rotting robots. Chatting about worthless bullshit. In a world of youtube /t.v consumerism where everything is so predictable. Such a flock mentality. Passivity is not our purpose. That’s in my opinion the core problem. We are creators living hypnotized and socialized to be passive consumers. And I feel I’m on the edge. Slipping in both directions. Can experience both sides. But I want to create now. I want to experience that change. Back to my true self.

I want impact. Creation. Become a player. A creator.

And I want life deep. I want to love. No matter how often I got hurt. Or will get hurt.

I want that something has changed through my life.

I know so many boring parties where everybody wants sex and nobody admits it. And just drinks and smokes because everybody else. I don’t want that anymore,

I want real connection without that rubbish,

And I want sex natural, dirty, holy, blissfully. I want its Essence.

I want life.

I want mudslinging.  Wet Grass under my bare footed feed a river dancing around my ankles. I want untouched nature in the middle of nowhere.

I know so many boring eso fitness yoga teachers and I  don’t want to be be one of them.

I want to be blissed out by god and the goddess. Dancing on car roofs. Running through the middle of the night. laughing insane. Skateboarding. Nude bathing.  Creating floating D.I.Y. Islands. Bonfires. Festivals. Luxury. Love. And Adrenalin. Playing.

Dancing like Shiva danced after everything is accomplished.

Just if every vein of my body is flooded with Ecstasy of Adrenalin. Radiated by golden infinite Light.

I find the true calmness in the middle of this storm and in the end of my life and the peace that I’m so deeply truly looking for.



And when my time has come I want to spread my wings and fly.

And when my time has come I will lay down and die.


EDIT: Just realized after my Headstand Meditation  Crown Chakra Medition short after writing the article that all that doing crazy things is also just a mind scape of the monkey mind as well and vanish into peace and bliss after some awesome Meditation. EDIT END ;o)

So much of what we do. Day by Day by Day. Doesn’t matter. Is not free. Is not alive. Because we lets us pull down by all the people around us. And what they expect what our next step is.

There is a really slippery to grasp, strong force that tries to hold us down. And yes we can manifest everything in our Life. But we have to stand up against this  gravity like force field. With all our effort. Which presses us in holds us back in our old couch potato self. That already built up strong neuro-transmitter-synaptic-highways which function so easy to easy.

Habits are the strongest tool what life has given you to create and recreate the  destiny of your whole life and universe.

Outwitting The Devil: Uncommented Original Manuscript


An Incredible Book about. That topic. From Napoleon Hill the Father of all Life Coach Approaches today. Read it and see what I’m talking about.

If you have a desire to achieve anything to become anything. The Creation of Habits can get you there

And the strongest force which can empower you or enslave you completely, the secret force of manifestation is just by

 20% the destructive habits which you built up.

And by the 80% all the great habits you never have established so far… ;o)


The best time to start with them was 10 Years ago. The Second best time is







Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.





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