Yoga to achieve – Everything

You have the feeling you got somehow…  stuck?

Here we go… Yoga can make fire under your ass. Can melt the frozen dreams and can free you from your present state of consciousness… Your Coocoon…

The best way to reach liberation from your daydreams is to live them out.

So start breathing deeply…  Feeeel  your heartbeat getting faster and …Break free  to become a Butterfly.

In the Beginning of each transformation process is a decision about which aspect of your life you want to transform…

You basicly allways can choose to go for enlightning. But what most people don’t know you can also basicly go for everything else…

Do you have the feeling that you have a certain lack of  Selfconfidenence to get things started..?  Or the missing willpower and perserverance to keep your project going. Yoga can help you! Change your consciousnes at the level of Manipura Chakra!

Do you have the feeling that you have the selfconfindence to start your own personal youtube channel but feedback shows you basicly lacking totally in any form of charm and charisma…  yoga can help you. Pimp up Svadisthana Chakra!

Or you set already your third relationship in a row in suffering in the dust… Realizing that your whole story always follows a certain kind of pattern… and you are so afraid to suffer in the same way again… but you have no idea what to do about it….  yoga can help you… Learn to love uncondiotionally at Anahata Chakra.

Or you just have to study for the next exame and you really need to focus and concentrate this time… because you already failed twice… but everything what can think about while you study is sex, party and some nice icecream or pizza… Yoga can do something for you to support you. Sublime to your third eye… Ajna Chakra!

Yeah… For sure sure there is not a high chance that they teach you that in the fitness center arround the corner. Because most of these guys they are going for stretching  at the body level.

But traditonaly if you go to the roots of everything whats is a bit older then just 30, 40 years and if you get in touch with traditional yoga  You get to much deeper levels of result… which can lead in the end to a total selfcontroled transformation of your charakter and your subconcious mind.

So for you if you want to start some of this yoga check…
…if the teacher can tell you on which chakra you have to focus in this asana position.
…if  you hold this Asana for at least 3 minutes or longer with your eyes closed.
and most important
 …if you are able to focus and concentrate your monkey mind during this 3 minute asanas and for the whole Yoga class… without thinking about the nice bud of your classmate or what pizza you gonna eat for dinner.
Then you entered the adventerous world of the real yoga mystery…

Enjoy your Transformation…

Fly Butterfly… Fly




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